It’s going to be hard for DotCom to deny this one.

Marshmello’s real identity has finally been confirmed, thanks to an Instagram Story snafu by none other than Brit producer Feed Me. The photo has confirmed what everyone already knew to be true, which is who the man behind the mask really is. Caught in the reflection of a mirror, in what looks to be a green room, Marshmello can be seen taking a video on his phone of someone else trying on his mask for size.

There has certainly been an abundance of evidence that Dotcom was behind perhaps the most genius U.S. marketing craze that EDM has seen. But, now what we have is damning photo evidence of the American DJ/producer, Chris Comstock, doning full Marshmello garb with nothing but the bare truth of his face. While the photo angle makes it hard to fully depict that Dotcom is our culprit, it’s still a wildly familiar resemblance.

The reveal was only matter of time, and long overdue at that. Perhaps we can get back to focusing on Marshmello’s music production skills rather than his marketing career now.


Photo Getty Images

H/T: EDM Chicago

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