Aly & Fila has allegedly gotten infuriated with Zouk Management over abrupt interruption of their Set in Zouk Singapore on Saturday for Malaysia’s Prime Minister Son, Ashman Najib, whom were there that night in Zouk as a club patron.

Ashman Razak (or DJ Ash) was reportedly been seen to have gone onto the DJ Set and demanded Aly & Fila to suspend their set, in order to gain a 10 minutes of fame on the Deck to showcase his Trance works. However, it was badly hit by negative reactions due to a lack of respect to the headlined DJ Duo (Aly & Fila) of the night. Fadi of Aly & Fila has expressed his resentment over the mic that night for the insulting move undertaken by the Zouk Management.

More Info: Last Saturday night when that happened, there may be some misunderstandings between the Zouk Management, Aly & Fila and the audiences. Zouk Management may not really know that DJ Ash is going to just interrupt Aly & Fila. So until now, We may not know if Zouk purposely force Aly & Fila to stop for DJ Ash. It may be an misunderstanding.

This Aly & Fila case is the first case that Zouk has offended International Djs. Zouk has been ranked consistently for years as the Top 7 Club in the World by DJ Mag and is a reputable club in Asia. Many DJs are eagered to play in Zouk, that’s why Singapore always have many International DJs almost every week playing in Singapore.

Aly & Fila has yet to comment on this incident on their Twitter, Facebook or even instagram about this incident. (7th March 2016)

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